Week 35

My week was very exciting. This week was a very important week because of the Love For Lucas bands we sold, so far we have sold over 1,200 dollars worth. Second, we had a middle school counselor come to give us an idea of what it’s like to be a 6th grader. We also the same day had our alumni talk, which was good because I got an idea of what it’s like from other 6th grade students. Lastly, today we are having our basket ball game, the 4th grade talent show, and a Q and U wedding. That was my last full week of school. File May 13, 8 14 38 AM

Week 34

This week we went to Karm to see the rescue center and what it takes to put clothes on the store floor, and it takes a lot! We actually got to sort clothes and theirs like 5 steps to making sure the clothes are safe to put up. We actually got to meet a lady named Doras, and she went through a lot during her life time, but Karm got her standing on her own two feet again. One thing I’d like to say is don’t take things for granted. Also this week we are getting closer to being able to film. That was my 34 week of school, only 9 1\2 days left! IMG_6513

Week 33

The last day of school is soon to come, just a few weeks left. This week was very important it was our Tcaps, but on wendsday, they canceled the rest of the tests. Also we got our yearbooks which I was very happy about. Our movie group is close to wrapping up our scripts. That was my 33rd week of school.IMG_6471

Week 32

Today is friday the ending to week 32. We did some pretty cool stuff this week, like attending a Rocky Hill Soul Singers concert. We also have been practicing for our TN Ready tests, and when I say practice I mean 4 tests. When we take the test Mr. Haney gives all 100% test takers candy, I only got it once and I was 1 out of the 2 people who got it. This week Laci has been joining us for gaga ball, it is so funny when she gets people out. Overall, this week was very fun. File Apr 21, 2 27 02 PM

Week 31

This week we finished up our songs. We also started writing our movie scripts, In our movie I am the main character. We also today are getting shaved ice for Lucas. Lucas is a 1st grader who was diagnosed with cancer. So we are having a fundraiser for him. We have been practicing hard for the TN Ready tests, we have completed 4 practice tests so far.  That was my 31st week.File Apr 15, 8 03 00 AM

Week 30

Week thirty was very exciting. Rocky Hill represented our school yesterday by running, sac race, tug of war,  ect. We didn’t win but we got close. We also gave parts for our movies. My movie was one of the chosen movies to be in out of the twelve. That was my 30th week.

Week 29

“Wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom, tutti fruity aruti.” Well we went to the 1950’s this week. April fool’s just joking we had a rock and roll musical. We have been practicing this musical for a long time and it’s finally complete. Also this week we have been working on our songs. Lastly, we got new South Korean penpals. That was my week.File Apr 01, 8 32 47 AM

Week 28

Week 28 was very……. wacky and well wet. We went to a cave, the cave was Tuckaleechee Caverns. At first trust I was freaking out because I dislike spiders, then if things couldnt get worse “If your afraid of hights look to your left, because at your right is an 80 foot drop.” But I felt better as we went on. There was one part were they shut the lights surrounding you out, to give you a feel of how it gets, I couldnt see anything. Before I went in I told my friend “If you see me on your shoulders dont be frightened”. Then we had a wacky Dr. Suess week. That was my week.IMG_6133